The problem

Unfortunately, as many small businesses have found to their cost, transitioning across to the NBN is not as straightforward a process as calling your preferred provider and asking them to move you across.

The fundamental problem appears to be that most people misunderstand what the NBN really is. The media and politicians have been talking about the NBN from it’s inception as a new faster and more reliable internet service. However this is not the complete story. The NBN is actually a complete replacement for the copper wires that deliver not only your internet, but also your phone service. It is the phone service that is proving to be troublesome, particularly for small businesses that use the phone service not only for voice calls, but also for fax, eftpos and alarms.

The transition process needs to be properly and carefully planned and will likely involve multiple suppliers (phone systems, IT, alarms, EFTPOS, fax). There are many opportunities for things to go wrong and you would be left without phone or internet or both – the dreaded downtime. Before you connect up – look at the list of questions you should ask yourself and your suppliers.

Then look at what we have found are the typical steps required to transition your business – warning it is a long list!

Unfortunately the big carriers are not taking this into account. The result is downtime – often for days and weeks.

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