Telstra disagrees with me over contracts


You may remember that I posted a copy of a letter that Michael Patterson, the General Manager of Telstra Countrywide Tasmania, sent out to many (all?) small businesses in Tasmania. Well today (Monday 20 Jan) I received a call from the Michael asking to meet me for a coffee. His main point of contention was that, while he was not across all the details, he disagreed with my posts about the contract situation when transitioning clients to the NBN.

My position (in a nutshell) is that the NBN service is so different from the ADSL and fixed line service that it is replacing that many existing contracts would become void. The main problem being that the provider cannot continue to provide the current service (which among other things allow Fax, EFTPOS & Alarm Systems to work reliably).

He promised me he would provide a business brief from his team – in other words the official Telstra position, which I promised I would post up here when I receive it. I assured him that my main goal on this website was to provide clear information to small businesses. There is enough mis-information out there about this transition, I certainly don’t want to add to it.

Article Name
Telstra disagrees with me regarding contracts
Following a meeting with Michael Patterson, he disagrees with my position regarding existing contracts and has promised to provide me with an official briefing from his team regarding this.

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