Morty’s on the Bay struggling to connect to the NBN


I spent Friday down in St Helens promoting the information night I am holding in St Helens next Wednesday (15 Jan). During my walk around I was introduced to Mort Douglas who is the developer for the new Morty’s on the Bay complex. He related to me the story of the trouble that the businesses moving in are having getting the NBN switched on in the building.

Indeed I noted that the cafe on the ground floor didn’t have an EFTPOS machine due to the problem.

My understanding is that have NBNCo have failed to recognise this as the multi-tenant building that it is and work on a “whole-of-building” approach. Unfortunately because NBNCo are one step removed (they can’t deal directly with customers – they are wholesale only), this has led to them not always being across what is going on on the ground and more to the point what is required.

I have fired off an email to my account managers at NBNCo to see if we can’t get the right people to talk to each other. I will keep you posted of what is happening.

Article Name
Morty's on the Bay struggling to connect to the NBN
The new Morty's on the Bay development is struggling to get the NBN connected for it's tenants.

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