Michael Patterson (Telstra) responds regarding contracts and the NBN


Yesterday I received an email from Michael Patterson following my coffee with him two weeks ago. He had promised to give me a business briefing on Telstra’s position regarding contracts, however he pretty much just restated the original position without any legal explanation. He did however clarify the situation around Early Termination Fees should a service be compulsorily disconnected on the Disconnection Date (the date that all the copper services in an area are due to be disconnected) – they wouldn’t charge one.

Here is his email:

Hi Damian

I am writing to respond to your comments about transitioning our small business customers to the NBN.

We’re committed to ensuring that our small business customers are supported as they prepare to move to the NBN. We encourage our customers to contact us directly with any questions or concerns about how the NBN will impact the services they have with us, because every customer scenario is different.

There are a variety of Telstra on the NBN business plans and solutions available for small businesses moving off copper and we’re working with our customers to ensure they are well informed about their options. Customers who decide to cancel their contract within its term and before the Disconnection Date of their copper services are subject to early termination charges. In most cases, we will waive these early termination charges for customers transitioning to an NBN service with us. We are required to disconnect customers who have not migrated to the NBN by the Disconnection Date of their copper services if they don’t have a valid NBN order in progress with us. And, in this instance, on disconnection no early termination charges will be charged.

You can contact me with any questions.


Michael Patterson  Area General Manager
Tasmania  |  Telstra Country Wide  |  Telstra

Here is my response.

Article Name
Telstra's position regarding contracts and the NBN
Michael Patterson, the Tasmanian Area Manager for Telstra responds to comments on the nbnsurvival.info website regarding contracts and the NBN by restating their position.

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