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Morty’s on the Bay struggling to connect to the NBN


I spent Friday down in St Helens promoting the information night I am holding in St Helens next Wednesday (15 Jan). During my walk around I was introduced to Mort Douglas who is the developer for the new Morty’s on the Bay complex. He related to me the story of the trouble that the businesses moving in are having getting the NBN switched on in the building.

Indeed I noted that the cafe on the ground floor didn’t have an EFTPOS machine due to the problem.

My understanding is that have NBNCo have failed to recognise this as the multi-tenant building that it is and work on a “whole-of-building” approach. Unfortunately because NBNCo are one step removed (they can’t deal directly with customers – they are wholesale only), this has led to them not always being across what is going on on the ground and more to the point what is required.

I have fired off an email to my account managers at NBNCo to see if we can’t get the right people to talk to each other. I will keep you posted of what is happening.

NBN Installs delayed to March due to “remediation” required


We have just received word that the NBN Installs for three of our clients (Delquip, Mountain View Inn & ATX Sales) in Deloraine have been delayed in 3rd March – due to “remediation required”. This typically means that there is an issue with the Aurora Power Pole that is being used to deliver the NBN Fibre connection.

This is getting dangerously close to the time when we need to have completed transitioning clients across to the NBN – 3rd May (nothing can be changed in the last 20 days before switchoff on the 23rd May).

We need NBNCo to prioritise the towns (like Deloraine) that are facing the switchoff deadline and to prioritise businesses, since they take longer to migrate.

I have written the following email to the Federal Member Eric Hutchinson:-

Dear Eric,

We have just heard that NBNCo have delayed three NBN Business installs in Deloraine until 3rd March 2014 due to their connections requiring "remediation".

As you are probably aware the copper telephone is being disconnected in Deloraine on 23 May 2014 requiring all subscribers (including businesses) to transition across to the NBN by that time. In practice the actual deadline is the 3rd May, since nothing can be changed (like moving numbers) in the last 20 days (Telstra "Order Stability").

We are a small telecommunications company, based in Launceston, specialising in moving small businesses across to the NBN. Moving a business (with their EFTPOS, Fax, Alarms, phone systems etc) is a very complicated process - taking many months to achieve particularly when you include the required testing and troubleshooting to perform a smooth transition (without downtime).

I realise that there is nothing can be done about the deadline - I have already been in touch with Malcolm Turnbull's office about this. However there is something you can do about NBNCo, given that this a government enterprise.

My request is that you approach Malcolm Turnbull and ask him to direct NBNCo to:-

1) Prioritise the towns that are affected by the 23 May switchoff: namely Deloraine, St Helens and George Town (not in your electorate).
2) Prioritise businesses over residential since they will take
considerably longer to transition than residential (who often only need the internet, not phones etc)
3) Impress on Aurora that they need to get their act together if the fibre is delivered via a power pole to quickly fix any issues.

I am happy to discuss all this with you on the phone at any of the numbers below.

Many thanks,

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NBN installs delayed – due to lack of staff


NBNCo have informed us that they have put two of our NBN installations in Deloraine on hold because “they don’t have enough staff in Tasmania”. These were installs due on the 2nd and 3rd January. We have no new installation dates for these clients.

We have several more installations due to occur next week (the week of 6th January), we have not heard about these, but we can expect these to be delayed as well.

This is of concern because we are still 5 months out from the switchoff deadline in Deloraine (23 May) and we expect the volume of new installs to increase as we approach this deadline.

My strong recommendation to clients is to at least order an NBN connection (without a contract) from any provider to get the NBN Box (NTD) installed.