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EFTPOS Provider Tyro worth a look


Following the feedback I received on the information night in St Helens, it was clear that EFTPOS is by far the biggest issue affecting businesses transitioning to the NBN due to its instant effects on sales if it is not working.

Eric Bennett from Tidal Waters, St Helens put me on to a relatively new entrant into the EFTPOS Merchant Provider market: Tyro. Like all new entrants into a market, they appear to have very innovative products. One feature of their standalone EFTPOS terminal, theĀ Xentissimo, is that it works over WiFi. That means that it has all the good features of broadband (speed, low cost, reliability, works on the NBN), but is also mobile (within the WiFi range of your shop). This means that it is easy to hand to clients and avoids having to run cables from your back office to the front counter.

Eric tells me has been using them for several years and is very happy with them. So if your current merchant provider is not stepping up to the plate with an offering that works for you – I suggest you check them out.

Here is a full comparison of EFTPOS offerings.