Alarms – Golden Electronics

This company is based in the Hobart area, but covers the whole of Tasmania. This company appears to be very much across the whole NBN transition issue and have been active in the media talking about it.

They recommend a 3G based mobile network system using dual SIMs. This gives them better coverage and redunancy in case an individual tower should fail. They use a method of signalling the provider that ensures that the messages arrive regardless of any congestion in the mobile network.

They will come an install an external box which typically costs around $400 including installation, however an individual quote will be required. They will organise and manage the mobile connection. They do not charge any extra for the monitoring over the mobile network and the costs of the SIM card are included in this.

Golden Electronics have their own monitoring centre. The box they install will check the alarm system and will contact the monitoring centre every hour to verify that everything is operational. If the alarm monitoring centre stops receiving this signal, it will trigger an investigation.

Contact details:

Phone: (03) 6225 5069