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HICAPS drops the NBN ball


It appears that

I originally called them back in November last year to discover what they are doing – at the time they were working on a 3G device. I called them again today to find out progress. It appears that they now do have a 3G device that will process regular EFTPOS and Medicare transactions, however some private health funds are still not processing via these new terminals. My understanding is that HICAPS are therefore not allowing any private health fund payment processing for the moment.

My understanding is that the techs at HICAPS are attempting to operate the existing terminals over the VoIP ATA converter units – as we all know this will not work reliably. I attempted to point this out to the helpline at HICAPS, but was met with the veritable brick wall of “we’re working on it”. She did however give me an email address to write into:

Frankly I do not believe this is acceptable – they have had many months (actually 18 months) to work on this. Many merchant providers now have NBN ready broadband terminals, why can’t HICAPS?

What should you do if you have a HICAPS terminal and you are being switched off on May 23rd?

  1. Call HICAPS and make them aware that you are not happy about this.
  2. Get a new 3G HICAPS terminal making sure you can run both your old and new one at the same time.
  3. Ask them what the recommended method of lodging private health care claims without a telephone line.
  4. Ignore any claims that the terminals will work over the NBN provided “phone” line – they won’t, or won’t work reliably.

You might want to look into getting an ISDN line. These will not be switched off on May 23rd. They are relatively expensive compared to a normal phone line, but they will solve the problem.

Frankly the prognosis is not good here. Our best hope is that HICAPS take this problem seriously.